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ELITES (Nanjing) International Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is located in District Gulou,Nanjing, Jiangsu Province,China. with the help of manufacturing upgrading, consumption upgrading, supply chain management, social marketing and foreign trade big data applications, the company optimize and manage the manufacturers, raw material suppliers and logistics suppliers,eliminate the cost of traditional foreign trade intermediate circulation, share the profits with manufacturers and purchasers, and gradually build a multilateral win-win ecosystem including consumers, purchasers, manufacturers, foreign trade elites and industry product managers.



ELITES (Nanjing) International Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is located in District Gulou,Nanjing, Jiangsu Province,China. with the help of manufacturing upgrading, consumption upgrading, supply chain management

  • The role of air disinfection machine in food workshop

    Common food workshops have very high requirements for hygienic conditions. For example, some foods that have undergone high-temperature treatment have mildew changes. Air disinfection machine manufacturers mentioned that most of the reasons are that the food is contaminated during the cooling and packaging process. What role does the air disinfection machine play in the food workshop After the food raw materials are processed, shaped, and sterilized, many of them need to be cooled before bei...

  • The harm of PM2.5

    “Because air pollution is related to the entire environment, the external environment, and the internal environment. This is much more terrifying than SARS. You can consider SARS, and you can isolate it. Various methods can be used, but atmospheric pollution and indoor pollution No one can escape. So you make a lot of efforts. First of all, you have to think of ways to improve the most basic living environment of mankind, so I think this is still the most critical issue.”——“...

  • Classification characteristics and maintenance of Air sterilizer

    The ozone generator in the Air sterilizer is mainly made by electrolysis. Generally, large and medium-sized ozone generators have two types of oxygen source and air source, which directly electrolyze oxygen into ozone. The ozone generated by the ozone generator has an instantaneous oxidation effect at low concentration. Removal of manganese, removal of sulfide, removal of phenol, removal of chlorine, removal of pesticide odor, and disinfection of petroleum products and components after washin...

  • Scientific life: ecological environment and human health

    The destruction of the ecological environment by natural factors may cause huge damage to human life and property, and even outbreaks of disease. However, the destruction of the ecological environment by natural factors often has obvious regional characteristics, and the frequency of occurrence is relatively low. Human factors such as environmental pollution damage the human ecosystem more severely. It can cause various scales of acute and chronic toxic events, increase the incidence of cance...

  • News –The Ventilation system

    The Ventilation system is an independent air treatment system composed of an air supply system and an exhaust system. It is based on the use of special equipment to send fresh air to the room on one side of a closed room, and then discharge to the outdoor by special equipment from the other side. An “air flow field” will be formed indoors to meet the needs of indoor ventilation, which is equivalent to adding a breathing system to the room. The function of the Ventilation system: ...


  • Negative ion generator

  • Pre-filter

  • HEPA 13 filter

  • Activated carbon filter

  • Photocatalyst filter

  • UV light